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MapleTime, Inc. - High Availability Hosting / Quality Dedicated Servers / Managed Servers

Why host your site on one server
when we can host it for you on six!

• Looking for reliable web hosting?

• Your site will be hosted on two web servers, two email servers,
    and two database servers
for high-availability!

• If one server is unavailable for any reason, the other takes
   over and your site stays up!

• Many web hosting companies will offer you cut rate prices, but try reaching someone on the phone if something goes wrong! Meanwhile, your business is losing money while your web site or email is down.

For higher-end: dedicated servers, managed or unmanaged.

With our high performance web hosting you can expect:

• Reliable web hosting • Personalized service • The best customer service for web hosting at an affordable price
• Great fit for small businesses and non-profit organizations • 60 day money-back guarantee

Call us now at (914) 329-2397, start a chat, or select from the options below:

Some Of The Services We Offer:
We are the only company in the industry that offers you our
unique, state of the art technical solutions.

Q. What do you mean by 6 servers? How does this help my site stay up?
A. Read the frequently asked questions page for the answer...

MapleTime, Inc.
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